Registration to Sankt-Georg-Treffen 2009
If you like to be part of the festival as reenactor or trader, please read well the following text and fill out the form.
Date 25.04-26.04.2009
Arrival till 24.04.2009
It is possible to arrive earlier but it could happen that there might occur some problems with sanitary facilities and supply. The organiser will supply wood, straw and catering.
Place 16230 Breydin (Castle Grounds)
Organizer Landhotel Trampe
Organizer for Reenactment Holger Herzog (Trivium aus Bernau)
The organiser recommends all participants in the battle to have a valid accident insurance and a personal liability insurance. The organiser has the duty to cover possible damages that might occur to the audience. Damages that are caused in the battle have to be regulated privately.
The participation of one group member at the Captain’s Meeting is necessarily required.
Make sure to read the safety rules. All participants accept the safety rules. Violations of the instructions may lead to disqualification of the battle - extreme violations may even lead to an exclusion from the event.
Only groups that have a confirmation of the organiser may take part in the festival.
The organiser will help to answer every question that occurs. (contact) REGISTRATION FORM