The Battle
Anno Domini 1459
The Elector Friedrich II reigns Brandenburg. After Elector Friedrich I, who was the first Hohenzoller who reigned the country, had defeated robber knights in the so-called Robber Knight Campaign in 1414, the country that had suffered from violence many years was pacified. Still they were many fights between commons and peasants on the one hand and noblemen on the other hand. These nobles are called robber knights actually they wanted to take part in the economic rise of the towns. Mostly they profiteered from vague legal status and from right of feud and claimed dues and land for themselves. At the beginning of the 15th century there were a serious threat for streets and therefore also for the economic development of Brandenburg. Neverthe-less, after The Robber Knight Campaign in 1414 the country was freed from most of the robber knights violently threats. It was not until 1524 when the robber knights were completely defeated. The following battle is not a historical one, but stands for all those various fights and battles in Brandenburg at this time.